Join the Physzique Family!

Starting in 2008, Physzique Fitness in Eastern Washington has helped thousands of individuals achieve their goals. Now re-branded, Physzique takes the concepts that worked so flawlessly and adds new elements focusing on balance, flexibility and life coaching to not only help athletes of all ages and activity levels achieve their goals but also giving them the tools to maintain a lifetime of healthy habits. 

When you join Physzique, you get...

45 minute high intensity routines that build muscle and target body fat loss


A supportive, no-judgement workout family


Nutrition programs tailored to your fitness goals and dietary needs


Experienced coaches with a passion for lifestyle change


A fun, welcoming virtual community


12 Week Transformation Challenges


10 daily workout sessions to fit your schedule


"I learned you do not have to cut all carbs to lose weight! I feel great about my results! I've never felt more comfortable with my body. Mostly I have more self control when it comes to bad food (fast food). I hit my first goal and am ready to hit another!" - Breanah


"The #1 thing I learned was that little steps add up to big change in weight loss. Also it's my journey and no one else's! I feel amazing and like I could wear a bikini. My energy level is extremely level is extremely high, my outlook on life is so much happier." - Desirea


"The challenge taught me that I can do physical exercise and I'm not going to die. LOL. My body got used to it. I feel good about my results -- I've lost 45 lbs so far just by continuing to eat right, exercise daily. Change is good, I feel better and get compliments all the time." -Freda 

"The biggest takeaway I've gotten out of doing challenges is that I need to allow myself grace and enjoy a treat from time to time -- not take 'dieting' so seriously." - Rosslynn

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